The Imitation Game (12A)



“The Imitation Game watchably recreates one of Britain’s finest hours, and one of its most shameful.”
The Guardian

“A finely etched character study, with Cumberbatch on towering form.”
Total Film Magazine

Nominated for no fewer than 8 Oscars, including the coveted awards of Best Motion Picture of the Year and Best Achievement in Directing, The Imitation Game has quality stamped all over it.

A top notch cast, including Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley (both up for acting awards), breathes life into this riveting, true-life wartime drama based on Alan Hodges’s bestselling book ‘Alan Turing: The Enigma’.

The film takes a timely look at Bletchley Park’s’s tragic hero Alan Turing, a man who gave everything to his country only to be persecuted after the war for his sexuality. The Imitation Game is a fitting tribute following Turing’s posthumous pardon in 2013.

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Valentine’s Day appetiser?

A good crowd joined us at last Friday’s Gone Girl screening, including many new faces. We’re grateful you chose us over the opening of 50 Shades of Grey in cinemas!

Although it was certainly hard hitting in places, Gone Girl proved to be a gripping watch, with more twists and turns than an eel riding a helter skelter (have you seen that Youtube clip?).

Anyway, many thanks to everyone who braved torrential rain to join us: very much appreciated as always.