Yes, there was a rugby international in Cardiff. Yes, it was one of the coldest nights we’ve had so far this winter. Nevertheless, a good crowd gathered in the village hall for France’s second-highest grossing film of all time, Untouchable.

What a treat it was: the subtitled comedy-drama proved a popular hit in Llancarfan, just as it has done all over the world since its original release in 2011.

That’s not mere supposition: we have the evidence to prove it. Audience members were asked to rate the film after the performance and the result was emphatic: 97% said the film was good or very good (in fact 88% gave it the highest rating, and one person even added their own rating of ‘Brilliant’).

So the bar has been set very high, and we shall invite ratings at every screening from now on to help inform future programming choices. Whether any film can touch this one remains to be seen…!