Doors 7.15pm, film 7.45pm

“The exceptional Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra, starring Michael Douglas, proves why film still needs Steven Soderbergh”
Robbie Collins, The Daily Telegraph

“It is a thoroughly entertaining biopic of Liberace […] The fact it hasn’t received a cinema release in the U.S., thus disqualifying it from next year’s Oscars, is little short of a tragedy for the talents involved.”
Christopher Tookey, The Daily Mail

 “As a black comedy, and as a portrait of celebrity loneliness, Behind the Candelabra is very stylish and effective, and Damon and Douglas give supremely entertaining performances.”
Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“Perhaps Behind the Candelabra lacks depth of focus but nobody could complain of any lack of pure, unadulterated entertainment value.”
Derek Malcolm, Evening Standard

This month’s film had something of a chequered production history. When filmmaker Steven Soderbergh failed, after years of trying, to secure finance for the project from the Hollywood studios, he turned to TV production company HBO and the movie finally received a greenlight. The film premiered at the Cannes film festival but debuted in the US on the HBO TV channel and not in cinemas (preventing it from consideration for the Oscars). It did, however, receive a theatrical release in the UK, and was very well received by critics and audiences alike. We’re delighted to bring it to the big screen in Llancarfan, along with a touch of Las Vegas in the Village Hall!

Tickets are now available: to book please email or call 01446 781 144.