If you could choose one film to watch on the big screen with friends, family and neighbours, what would it be?

An old favourite: Brief Encounter, maybe?
A cult classic: how about The Blues Brothers?
A chance to relive a memorable cinema experience: Star WarsLawrence of Arabia or The Care Bears Movie?
Or maybe a film you missed the first time around, or have only ever seen on the small screen?

From today members can nominate any film they’d like to see on the big screen at our July event.

It’s the final performance of the year (we take August off and start the new season in September) and we want members to decide what gets shown.

Throughout March we’ll take your film nominations before drawing up a shortlist (the final selection will be made based on the availability of appropriate film licences. Not every film is available for village hall screenings).

Members will then get the chance to vote for their favourite choice and the winner will be announced at our Les Mis screening on 20 April.

To nominate a film you can either email your preference to llancarfancine@gmail.com, complete the form below or tell a volunteer at the Argo screening on 22 March.

Films will only be considered for the shortlist if they are available in the UK on DVD or Blu ray by 12 July 2013; check Amazon.co.uk for availability.

Nomination and voting is only open to current members. Only one nomination per member (one per family membership). Nominations close on Saturday 23 March 2013.

Voting details will be published with the shortlist later in the month.