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“In pure action adventure terms, Spectre delivers the goods, with plenty of revved-up supercar porn and several kinetic high-speed chase sequences on road, river and snowy mountain slope.”
Hollywood Reporter

“This fourth outing for Daniel Craig as James Bond is achingly cool, as sleek and powerful as the silver Aston Martin DB10 that races through the movie.”
The Times

Bond is back and this latest instalment delivers everything you’d hope, from globetrotting glamour and kinetic car chases to full-on fisticuffs. Plus the (re)appearance of Blofeld, masterfully played by Christoph Waltz.

There’s nothing subtle about it, which is just as it should be. “I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them”, as author Ian Fleming once wrote. Well, quite.

So join us for a very special screening event, complete with Bond-themed cocktails (and mocktails for the kids). You only live twice.

Call 01446 781 144 or email llancarfancine@gmail.com for tickets.