We’re delighted to announce the titles in our final season of the year, and what a selection it is!

Details as follows:


Saturday 18 May
Doors 6.00pm, film starts 6.30pm

“Is Lee’s film a fable? Is it an adventure?
No, it’s a super-movie.”
Financial Times

We kick off in May with Oscar-winning director Ang Lee’s critically acclaimed adaptation of Yann Martell’s bestselling novel Life of Pi (2012).


Saturday 8 June
Doors 7.15pm, film starts 7.45pm

“This is a date movie that caters to the needs of both men and women: American football and comedy, ballroom dancing and romance. Silver Linings Playbook covers all those bases — and rises above them too.”
The Times

Flaming June yields up a red hot romance courtesy of Silver Linings Playbook (2012), starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert de Niro.


Saturday 6 July
Doors 7.30pm, film starts 8.00pm

“As in all of Tarantino’s best films, there is a strange and brilliant magic at work here; a dark, bubbling alchemy of art and junk.”
The Daily Telegraph

We end the summer season with a return to sparkling form for Quentin Tarrantino, with his unique take on the emancipation story in this bloody tale of slavery and vengeance: Django Unchained (18).

To buy tickets simply email llancarfancine@gmail.com or call 01446 781 144.